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These four planes, the jack-plane, the fore-plane, the jointer, and the smooth-plane, are essentially alike, and directions for the use of one apply to all.Although there are several styles, the four basic planes include: block plane, jack plane, fore plane and smoothing plane.The stock for all of these planes were cut from the two beech boards pictured.

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And adjusting the depth of cut is no fun either because of the cramped area behind the frog.

They shows up in many flavours, most patterned after the Stanley Bailey No 5, this particular one is from Jolly old England, across the pond, the Record No 05.Patterned after the Stanley No. 62, the Low Angle Jack Plane is one of our most versatile and outstanding planes.As of this writing, the U.S. Government has not developed new guidelines for how to react to a hijacking.

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The next time you feel like starting a new project, make sure you have the correct equipment and be proud of the end result by purchasing a hand plane.Other tools work better for those everyday tasks, but one plane instead of four can be a deal maker for a beginner.

A Jack plane is the perfect tool for the loved one who loves to work with wood and who seems like they never has enough tools.It is in crisp wonderful condition with a lovely boxwood color.

There are a small amount of rust spots on the plane, But these could be removed.

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Norris-type adjuster and adjustable throat plate for different types of wood. Shop now.

The care, use and tuning of your new jack/fore plane.

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Before power planers, a jack plane smoothed and squared rough lumber.For other operations ask your instructor or refer to one of the many texts available.

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A jack plane, including this one, is mostly used to true the surfaces of a board and dimension it.Since then, there has been considerable public discussion of a more active and aggressive reaction to the initial announcement that a plane is being hijacked.

The Jack plane is probably the most used of the bench planes, and is generally one of the first woodworking tools that will be added to the toolbox.

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The jack plane is one of the most versatile machines used for hand tool woodworking.

I am making due with a low budget and I am currently jointing with a low angle block Blane and a #5 jack plane. I...

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I have often stated that it can be the only plane you use and this fact is a great solace for those just starting out with hand tools.This sheet describes the procedure for hand plane a stock to width.

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If you need to do rough work you can buy an extra blade and put a heavy camber on it for the rough stuff.But in reality the No. 1 is not a useful size for building most furniture.

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The purpose of the Jack Plane is to quickly remove a large amount of wood, such as taking off the rough-sawn outside of a plank.

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